Hey guys, its been a while since I shared my thoughts and ideas with you guys but recent experience of mine urges me to share with you all the overwhelming 2 days I had when I went to sterling resorts, Mussoorie.

Being a teacher myself, I urge all my students to go for a vacation at least twice a year to freshen up your mind and gain some experience of various social life that exists on this beautiful planet. One fine day this opportunity arrived to me and despite of being occupied a lot with my work I immediately said yes just because of two factors

•It was Mussoorie, my favorite hill station in India

•It was Sterling Resorts, the most renowned resorts all over India.

Let’s beign the journey:

Day 1
I arrived at sterling resorts, mussoorie at 7 in the morning. I was a bit tired due to the overnight journey of 7 hours from delhi to mussoorie but all my tiredness faded away when I entered this beautiful sterling resort with a gorgeous and picturesque view of the hills surrounding it.

View from Sterling Resort, Mussoorie

Had a couple of hours of rest then assemble in the dining area for breakfast which would be followed by various activities organized by sterling resort, mussoorie.

As per the schedule we headed towards our room for a quick nap. Room was quite spacious and had a balcony to sit and enjoy the view.

After half and hour or so we headed over for breakfast. It was a well organized buffet with a variety of delicacies to choose from. The unique part of the breakfast was the eye catching view of the hills and clouds surrounding them which was visible from the windows in the dining area. I would use the term authentic for the food which was served in the breakfast as it tasted quite luscious which means delicious to a great extent.

After having breakfast which set up my mood, I was excited to explore sterling resort to the fullest extent possible. I discovered various areas like the children’s area where they could play, the zip line activity area, cycling and the gaming zone( I will describe all these areas at regular intervals in my blog).

At noon, Sterling resort organized a visit to the mall road of mussoorie which is the most crowded and famous market area of this beautiful hilly region. We went on and had some great momos at karlsang, a well known Chinese restaurant in the mall road. Then after having it we went on to chic chocolate to have some delicious desserts.

Momos at Kalsang
Honey chilly potatoes at Kalsang
Deserts at Chic Chocolate

After coming back in the evening, I went on to freshen up myself a bit and got prepared for the lovely dinner which was followed by a soothing bornfire at night.

In the cold rainy season, bonfire proved to be a very relaxing time for all of those present there. We spent some quality time there after which I went to my room late at night to get some sleep and was really excited for the next day to come.


Day 2 started with a visit to the Lambi Dehar mines which was a 30 min drive from the resort.

Lambi Dehar is one of the haunted places of mussoorie where a large proportion of mine workers died in an accident.

I clicked some photographs there while trecking up to the mines.

It was a great experience presented to us by sterling resort, mussoorie. After coming back from the trek, I rushed over to have some delicious breakfast prepared whole heartedly by the food team of sterling resorts, mussoorie.

After resting for a little while I went on to indulge in one of my best experiences at sterling which was zip line adventure. There was a 60 to 70 metre rope on which a person should cling to reach to the end of rope. It was really a fun activity which seemed a little dangerous but when I experienced it, there developed an urge in me to do it once more.

After 4 in the evening I went on to explore the gaming zone. There were games like billiards, table tennis, ice hockey, ps4, carom and much more. What more can you ask for guys?

After exploring the gaming zone, one of the things which I loved the most was cycling in the queen of hills. The bicycles at sterling is top notch and one should definitely experience the joy of cycling in the windy weather.

The cherry on the top of the cake or the best ending of my visit was the special gharwali dinner organized by sterling. Gharwali food is the local food of that region which was presented to us in an alluring way. The food as usual tasted flavoursome and the mesmerizing view of the hills at night was all a person can truly ask for.

That was all about my visit to sterling resort, mussoorie. If you ask for my honest opinion I would definitely recommend you all to visit this resort in mussoorie and experience the hospitality, culture, activities and rejuvenate yourself in the queen of hills! You can find more about sterling on INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE.

Bye until the next time we meet again with some interesting stuff. Till then take care of yourself, take a break from hustle bustle and enjoy the beautiful places on your bucket list.


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