In the last part I described about the value of oneself right from the time when we are born and till the end of our teenage phase. In this part I will be focusing upon the phase of early adulthood. So here it goes-

Our adulthood basically starts with the age of 18 and till then we are tend to know various things about life, love, relationships, friendships and much more. This is the age when we start to build up to be an independent human being and many of our friends part away from us due to different colleges and fields which we choose. So the real challenge of building the value of oneself, lies in this phase. If we are good in academics then our value surely increases, if we are really good in sports then also our value rises up but when we are confused to the core about which field to choose, what to become in life, how to earn money, how to get a decent job, only then we question our value in life. The solution to this is that we should start doing little things or part time jobs or any activity which keeps us going beside perusing our studies because if we don’t do these things then we will be isolating ourselves which will further lead to deterioration in our value. All our hard work will definitely pay off because all the little things that we do in this phase while keeping up with our main goal compiles up and then we are rewarded with success which we strived from the very beginning of this phase. For some people success may come sooner and for some a bit later, so one quality which we should always possess is PATIENCE. The old saying that the hard work is the key to success is definitely accurate but in today’s scenario hard work with the element of patience involved is the key to success. What if a person later gets successful on a large scale as compared to the one who got successful earlier but on a small scale? See here the element of patience plays its role.

So thats all for this part. I hope you like it. Take care. Life is good….

6 thoughts on “THE VALUE OF ONESELF- (PART 2)

  1. Good post. The idea of working is not a bad one. The ideology of the way we should work, and why we should work is the bad idea. Your rhetoric on one’s value based on their profession, or whatnot was what sparked that. Don’t think i’m against you or the post. I like it. you stated some serious facts of how we do things, and I totally agree with when we are discovering ourselves. One we leave high school and are smacked in the face by life, what is no different, then I think, we become traumatized. We learn that life is just a mental prison from which there is no escape. The trolls, abusers, pacifists, greedy, giving, and more, are forced in our faces as we learn everything from high school is then placed into that world. To emotionally make it, we have to choose a side. We need to change that. We bloggers have the power to invoke change. Your posts are a part of that. People read it, and think, “Damn that’s true.” It’s up to them, to think higher, critically, and empower themselves to break away from anything negative and teach those who are learning. You help spread a good thing. Never stop. I did a piece on working equates to insanity. Take a look if you have not already. Thank you for the post.


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