The Value Of Oneself- (Part 1)

We are often encountered with this thought over and over again that what is our value in this life? What is the purpose of our existence? Why are we even living? Are we supposed to live this kind of life? The answers to all this lie within oneself, so here it goes-

From the day when we were born, we marked our existence in this world full of people and with various other babies who were born with us. At that stage we are all supposed to be equal because we are not equipped with the sense of differences that prevails in the life that has been shaped centuries over centuries. When we initially grow up, the value of our existence starts to build up because we have brought the change into the lives of our parents and near ones. We tend to be the first priority of our parents because we are the only thing that they possess and love unconditionally. So this is the first stage which depicts that we are valued straight after we are born.

After this, we make our step into the teenage. This is the very crucial stage because in this stage our mind starts to evolve to a great extent and we start to think about ourself a lot like our appearance, personality, and what not. Students in school often gossip and make fun of the other students related to any normal things too like- weight, colour, name, height, personality and much more things which we perceive to be al right when we move into adulthood.We are faced with various issues related to friendships, relationships, competition and much more. We make various friends in our teenage which are the most important factor through which our importance builds up in this stage. This is the reason why our parents always advice us to choose our friends wisely because our value and mind tend to shape with the surroundings we are living in. Good friends with a positive mindset can enhance our value and in return we can enhance their value by always being there and helping them with all we have. Helping our parents, being generous and humble towards others are the small things which enhances one,s value and gives a great level of inner satisfaction as well. In this teenage phase we tend to learn various things about life and in this process we should always remember one thing that If we value ourself to a great extend, only then the people will value our existence in this life. So we should always stay positive, and take advice from everyone but always do what our heart and mind says. 


That’s it for this part. I hope you like it and please share your opinion in comments. I would love to hear your viewpoint. The second part will be out soon in which I will be describing about our value in adulthood. Till then take care of yourself. Life is good….

28 thoughts on “The Value Of Oneself- (Part 1)

  1. Yes, we are definitely shaped in our early years by peers and relationships with others. But we must always stay positive and true to ourselves, which can be hard when we’re still getting to know ourselves. But it’s an important lesson. Great post Mandy.

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  2. A post filled with utmost positivity🌟. I loved how you said about the teenage peer group, how it can remarkably change you as a person (Positively/Negatively). Thanks for sharing it😊

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  3. Family is incredibly important and one can learn a lot from parents and siblings. I agree that surrounding yourself with good, positive people is beneficial. But I think most of my lessons (and personal strength) has come from those who have struggled, those who have a lot of darkness and pain inside themselves. Not to say I haven’t found growth from lighter beings. I suppose it’s a question of balance. We all struggle with our own inner fears or demons…holding on to the good things and the brighter things definitely makes a difference though. Nice blog!

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  4. I’ve seen this post for a bit and due to daily circumstances, I have not gotten to it. I liked this a lot. It’s very factual, and depicts the growth stage of importance and loose self-awareness we all go through. It touches the ever-so-ignored surface of every facet in life without getting grossly deep into the soul of any one person. Great job. I’m highly looking forward to part 2 of this. It was even thought-provoking. I hope everyone can see the deep lesson within this epic passage. Peace, and take care.


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