We go through different phases of life. Every phase is unique and acts as a challenge for us and we live up to it because we have to and there is no choice. The main thing here to perceive is that we are always surrounded by people who are going through different phases of life and the most common example is the relation between children and parents. It is obvious that children possesses different mindset as compared to parents because they are yet to experience what their parents have gone through. So lets try to understand this DIFFERENT MINDSET which will eventually lead us to better understanding of our parents and if you are one then that of your children -.

Firstly, let me describe the differences in responsibilities we face in each phase, that is in a childhood and parenthood. In our childhood we have the responsibility to go to school, score good marks in every grade to attain a reasonable respect in our society and among our friends and relatives or else we are perceived as a dumb, careless and useless child. As we grow and when our high school is about to end, we have the responsibility to choose our career which is nowadays mostly decided on the score on our final mark-sheet which decides which college we are getting in and which field of subject we are suitable for. The advent of entrance exams is obviously a boost where a huge amount of luck and appropriate amount of knowledge is required. With the schooling, we go through friendships and later on relationships and we are tend to encounter many problems because we are new to every such kind of a thing. So the conclusion to be made by realising all these things is that a childhood phase carries a certain level of difficulty which the previous generation (who are adults now) are unable to understand and those who do, they turn out to be great parents.

Now, let me focus on the responsibilities to be encountered in the phase of parenthood. Parents are the most beautiful thing for a child to possess because they are the most unconditional supporting system in our life. They always believe in us and have faith that we will become a great self-actualising human being. The responsibility of our parents starts with our birth in this amazing world. They invest all their time, care and love towards us so that we turn out to be a healthy and well nourished child. As we grow their goals towards us starts to build in a way that they want best pre school for us, then they want us to get admitted in a well reputed school, then later on in our life they want us to go to a good college so that we can get the best possible education and can stand up on ourselves. If we are inclined towards sports then they will buy us the sports gear so that we are able to succeed in that field.  In between all this they want to live the best life possible for themselves too but their first priority is always their children so if they have to compromise anything for their child,  they will not even have a second thought about anything else and they will do it unconditionally. In this context, the main point of misunderstanding lies in the fact that children are unable to realise what their parents have gone through to raise them. Its not their fault because till the starting of their teenage they do not possess that much thinking ability and a sense a empathy towards their parents. They think that this process is smooth because everyone goes to school, every other parent fulfil their children,s needs but they do not know at what cost this all happens. Its natural that the love between our parents somehow deteriorates because they tend to bestow their love and care towards us.

So, after perceiving all these things in mind, one should always thank their parents for what they do and we should always plan something good and unique for them so that their deteriorated love regenerates and they could lead a happy life. This would also ensure that they can rely on their children afterwards and a sense of relief on their mind then cant be compared to anything else. One may think that all these things does not matter but according to me it holds a great level of importance because one day we ourself will become a PARENT.


That’s all for DIFFERENT MINDSET- PARENTS VS CHILDREN (PART 1). I have written this post with all my heart. I hope you like it. Second part of this post will be coming really soon. Till then buh bye. Take care. LIFE IS GOOD..



  1. I did like it…but you can spend your entire life sacrificing for your children and when it’s time for them to be there for you….doesn’t always work out. One thing you should always be prepared for…something that would never in a million years occur to you….is that sometimes, your children forget that you were always the one who was there…and they choose somebody else. If you get sick, you will be taking care of yourself or paying somebody to care. If I had it to do over…I’m not sure I would.

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    1. That’s y i wrote this post to make people understand both the perspective. I wish children understand what their parents go through before its too late because they will regret all this when they themselves will become parents. ☺


  2. An excellent read, reminds one that no matter how troubled the parent-child relationship, love is that one driving force that doesn’t let you give up. Thanks for sharing!


  3. Thank you for choosing to follow me at andstilliwonder.net although in its current state, I can’t even use it. Praying it gets fixed soon. As for your article, I enjoyed it but have to say it’s the best case scenario. Too many parents have to work two or three jobs to support their kids that they don’t have the opportunity to be with their kids – focused, present and actively loving. They are doing the best they can. Then their are the addicts of all types. Or those so focused on their own lives that their kids suffer or their lives are full of activities that take them from their kids. Or relationships between parent and child don’t gel. I wish all parents could be like the ones you spoke of. I think the more informed parent stands the best chance.

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    1. Your perpective is very much right and true. People often perceive that children are at fault most of the times. But in reality there are many other factors which leads to the shaping of their behaviour. Thank you so much for your opinion and I hope your site gets fixed soon. ☺


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      1. Thank you very Much & Make sure to Start your day With us Introducing to you BestDaily Days.


  5. I wanted to thank you for visiting and choosing to follow my website.
    You raised some of the big important issues between children and parents, with positive sensitivity. Your post certainly invoked a variety of very interesting comments. All my best to you. 🍁

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