Everyone is busy dreaming, working, studying or maybe making a whole lot of money . Everyone wants to be better than the other. But in this immense struggle of life, one needs to know the DIFFERENCE between what their mind perceives and what an actual real life is made of. So here it goes-

Firstly, lets take up the scenario of a college going student. From our high school onward we generate a tendency  in our mind that college life is all about fun. Yes to a certain extent it is but according to me it is the most challenging phase of our life in the sense that we have to make our mark in this ever growing competition to succeed in life and all the spoon feeding done in our high school is totally eradicated when we enter a college or a university. So keeping all these things in mind we strive to work as hard as possible in our college life so that we turn out to be an eligible and able person to be employed in a company or to move in any other field for first basic reason which is to EARN MONEY and probably the second reason which only few of us can possess and it is INNER SATISFACTION. The scale of worry obviously rises a lot higher for a student who is from a middle class or may be from a upper middle class family because the hard earned money of their parents are ought to be spent on his/her education and higher education. So I advice all the students of this category to choose your field of education or sport etc. very cautiously and wisely because you need not want to waste the money of your parents that they put in by working hard every single day. On the other hand if your parents are rich enough then also you should make ample advantage of the resources you can possess and you can make a huge positive impact in your life all thanks to your parents. I suggest all the students who are soon going to be admitted in a college to keep track of all these things in your mind.

Now let me throw some light on the aspect of friendship which we all can relate to. Number of people has described friendship in a number of ways indeed but the real or actual meaning of friendship is really hard to understand. During the era of our childhood we tend to have more friends with somewhat equal importance which gradually decrease as we grow older and older due to a lot of factors. Some of which may include competition, your parents influence, class factor, specific area of interests, proximity and many more other things. The most essential ingredient of a successful friendship is unconditional care and love for your friend. The thing to understand here is that a real friend is always the one who can unconditionally help you without giving any excuses but in return you also ought to be like him or her. If you cannot generate this quality then don’t expect your friend to do so. The competition factor between you and your friends will always kick in no matter how best of friends you are but this should be taken in a positive sense. If you possess ample resources to make your way to progress then there is no harm to also help your friend to succeed with all the help that you can bestow to him or her. Another thing to be taken care of is MISUNDERSTANDINGS. Fights and misunderstandings will always occur in a friendship but the thing that matters the most is to resolve the issue as soon as possible by talking straight forwardly to your friend about it. These misunderstanding and fights between us and our friends occur because we all are different and we go through different phases of life. Some of us may be going through many personal problems because of which we generate frustration, mood swings and a lot of bad behavior which eventually gets reflected in our friendship and gives flame to the origin of misunderstandings and fights. Its a natural occurrence but if you are surrounded with some real friends then these issues will be resolved much sooner than later. Another thing in a friendship to be focused upon is that ALWAYS ACCEPT YOUR MISTAKE EVEN IF IT WAS UNINTENTIONAL. Never ever make your ego rule over you. We tend to commit a lot of mistakes but if we accept our mistakes a lot quicker then the harm to our friendship will be a lot lesser. A deep message of this passage is that find yourself and stick forever with your real friend because you can even chill with your dog(if you have one obviously) .

That’s all for DECEIVED PERCEPTION PART-1. I hope you like it. Second part or the final part will be coming out really soon. Till then buh bye. LIFE IS GOOD..





      1. 😋 sorryyy!!! I have just lost it today…I don’t know what’s happening to me..anyways, I’m sorry once again..and may I know are u elder to me?


      1. I just love to write since my childhood but i came into this blogging platform 4 months back as many of my friends and family members recommended me to start a blog so that my thoughts and my way of describing things as well as the solutions can be observed by various people around the world. ☺. What about you?

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      2. I started on 13th june of this year whn my bestie actually told me to try blogging n the very day i happened to hv a really good incident to write about

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  1. If I hadn’t known that you are twenty… I would’ve thought of a wise guy of about forty…
    Appreciated a lot your considerations on friendship and life in general, thanks for this deep analysis on human mind!

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  2. Some very good points in this piece. You are very wise, and an awesome writer. If I had read this before college, a lot would have happened differently. Thank you for visiting my blog and in turn introducing me to yours.:-)

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  3. Your advice to younger people from someone not that old (compared to, say, me) is refreshing. Too often I see young people unappreciative of the sacrifices made on their behalf help them make a good life – I’ve heard it called the entitled generation. Well said, Sir. I look forward to Part 2.

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    1. Thank you so much ma’am and please dont call me sir. I think its not appropriate considering the amount of moments, struggles and experiences you might have gone through till your present age. Your blessings are enough for me ma’am and thank you so much for your kind words. ☺

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    2. You’re quite right. Please call me Roo. I’m old school and proud of it – don’t address gentlemen (of any age 😉 by their given names unless invited. Yuk it up, but guys have mistaken my comments as hitting on them for that simple faux pas!


  4. Such a well written post:) yes I completely agree not only in regards to friendship but life in general we have to own up to our mistakes even if it’s unintentional

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  5. First of all, thank you for following my blog. Hope that you will like some of the posts I have written.

    As a student who just completed my Diploma program and will be going into Degree soon, I completely agree with your point above how difficult it gets. It is not as easy as high school and it is not all fun and games. Students need to take school seriously and there is a time for fun and time for work. I always seen my course mates taking things light and in the end, they are the one who failed the class and need to re-module. They always dislike the fact that I managed to complete the assignments and projects on time but they tend to forget that I have other commitments unlike them. But at the end, I am proud of my attitude that made me to graduate with good grades.

    Friends are also another factor of growing up. Those friends that you make in high school won’t be your friends in life. What high school students tend to forget that they are friends with that person as you are in the same school, class or after school activities. The real friends that you make will stay with you for life. You will go through thick and thin together. You might not find them yet but when you do, treasure them like gems. They are the ones who will have your back no matter what.

    Thanks for the interesting blog post. I truly enjoyed reading this. Much love ❤


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