Relationship Reality- Part 2(the final part)

In the first part of Relationship Reality I described certain aspects of relationship that should be taken care of to lead a good and peaceful relationship. In this final part, all the other aspects or issues of relationship is focused upon.

Relationship is a two-way process because both the partners love each other but the main aspect to throw some light on is that ONE SHOULD NEVER TAKE THEIR PARTNER FOR GRANTED. Your partner will always say to you that she/he does not expect anything from you but the expectation to be loved is always there in your partner no matter what. When she/he is showing concern and love to you then she/he also expects the same because you both are in a relationship based on your acceptance of being in it. If you cannot express love to your partner then you should not be in a relationship with that person in the first place because being in a relationship means the mutual consent of loving each other unconditionally.

Now, the most complicated part that should be eradicated in a relationship is EGO. This part is complicated in the sense that we ourselves sometimes are not aware of upholding our ego in many instances encountered during a relationship. When we commit a mistake be it unintentional then we should be sorry for it to our partner because after all its a mistake committed by us. If we uphold our decision not to apologise to our partner because the mistake was unintentional, then our EGO kicks in. In this way EGO plays a negative role in a relationship. If we accept our mistakes kindly and gently then the love in our relationship will affectionately flourish and there in not even a little harm in doing so.

Now the most important, difficult and the final aspect to be understood in a relationship is the difference between a BEST FRIEND and a BOYFRIEND OR GIRLFRIEND. First thing that should be clear in mind regarding this aspect is that your BOYFRIEND OR GIRLFRIEND will always have more value than your BEST FRIEND. This is so because we ourselves chose to be in a relationship with the person we fell in love and by doing this we made our partner the most valued person for us in our life. On the other hand best friends are not made by choice. We gradually become best friend with the other person as our interests and nature clicks with each other. This does not mean that best friend does not hold any value or importance in our life. She/he definitely holds a great importance in our life and we should always be there for them when they are having a hard time and even when they are having a great time. But for instance, if you have a plan with your partner to go on a lunch date and then your best friend calls you to meet up then you should give first priority to your partner and straight away refuse your best friend to meet up at the same time. If your friend is genuinely your best friend then she/he will completely understand the situation and will even encourage you to have a great time with your partner. In this way we should be straight and direct to our best friends because that is why they got a tag of best before a friend.

There are certain things and limitations with your best friend that should be taken care of while you are in a relationship. If you are a boy and you have a girl best friend then you cannot give her more time than your girlfriend because your girlfriend is your first priority. One simple thing to be remembered is that you should always take up the scenarios on yourself. For instance if you are out with your female best friend all day long and you tell this to your girlfriend after coming back home then what will you feel if your girlfriend does the same thing with her male best friend? This is the most important thing to be kept in mind.

That’s all for RELATIONSHIP REALITY. I hope you like it. I urge my readers to also read RELATIONSHIP REALITY PART 1. I ll be writing about all the other aspects of life really soon because there is so much to life that everyone should know. Till then buh bye. Life is good….


14 thoughts on “Relationship Reality- Part 2(the final part)

  1. Interesting points. While I wholeheartedly agree that in relationships we need to leave out ego at the door, it is sometimes difficult to do so. I think it’s true, we choose our partners, but in my experience, we do also choose our best friends. Yes, perhaps friendships grow in a different way than a love relationship, friendships also can grow as well. Lovers come and go as do friends but we do have those best friends we have by us through thick and thin because we choose them and they choose us. My opinion is that whatever the relationship, friends, lovers, partners, husband and wife, we make a choice to be a part of that relationship each and every day. Great post. Thanks.

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