Glimpse about life..

Everyone wonders what’s the main purpose of living a life? Why do we live? What are we living for? Why someone is so rich and some are so poor?

The answer to all this lie within ourselves. We can make a huge difference if we work hard enough and not indulge in unrelated activities that are non productive. The most productive and easy task to know what to do in life is to list the dreams and aspirations on a piece of paper. After listing it out just work upon it. Failures may arise but if you keep working upon them, you can achieve what you strive for and one of the item on your list may get a tick mark after achieving it.

All this requires immense hard work and dedication. The main asset to be taken care of is patience because this process requires time. Do not be afraid of what others will think about you. It is the natural tendency in human beings to embed a thought about others in their mind be it negative or positive. Just stay cool and think the most about yourself because it will eventually lead to your success.

I think this is enough for you all to know the glimpse about life. All the other aspects of life will be coming soon. I hope you perceive it as realistic . Till then take care of yourself. Life is good….

69 thoughts on “Glimpse about life..

  1. Nice. Another great way is to avatar yourself currently, your envisioned lifestyle, career choice, things you would like to own & activities you would like to do, people you would like to hang out, work & live with. Personal interests, friends & Internet opens up a huge variety of choices for oneself, it may be a fun, long process. See it as a time investment for self. Another thing is making it easy, to make it easy instead of hard, work on yourself, develop your own strengths that will lead accomplishing your goals. The better your personal aspects are , the easier the tasks will seem.

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  2. Very sparking post,i agreed life is always full of questions & we kept us busy loitering everywhere for answers while it resides somewhere inside us.To zist never give up on anyway & self believe is the only thing that leads us to right way👌👍

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  3. Your words are sincere and true.It is imperative that the feeling of self worth is strong within us .It helps to handle our lives with positivity and a sense of direction .

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  4. Wow. I wonder how we met. Isn’t the world really too BIG!
    It’s that phase of my life now when I just can’t get enough of the different glimpses of my life. Sometimes, I guess, it’s a little too much. What say? Mandy? Or do I call you by a different name? 🙂

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    1. Yes we cant get much out of our life way too quickly. Its a process because if you get all what you wanted then there will be nothing for you to experience in the future. We should stay positive and live in the moment. I visited your profile and I felt really to good to see a person who knows who she is and what she wants in life. In this way you will achieve self actualisation sooner than later. 🙂 and yeah mandy is absolutely fine. 🙂

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      1. Perfect! I’d like you around more often. And yes, I like to be particular about the things I want in life before the final day knocks. 🙂 Good to know you stopped by.

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  5. I agree. Here’s how I do it:

    1) Write down a list of dreams

    2) Make a step by step plan of how to get to your dream.

    3) Work hard on these steps.

    4) Make your dream come true.

    Nice piece. Thanks Eli

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  6. Hello Mandy,

    Nice post. As the proponents of YOLO say, you have to make the best of this life. So stop whining and start doing. Thanks for following my blog. I hope you’ll like the future content there too.

    Have a great day. God bless. 🙂


  7. Hi Mandy, I love this, it speaks straight to me this morning. Strange really because it’s the third post in a row I’ve read that really resonates with me on a deep level. Thank you for the follow which lead me to you.

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